She’s Worked With BLACKPINK, TWICE, And ITZY And Now She’s On “Street Woman Fighter”, Meet Leejung Lee!

This YG choreographer is ready to dance in the spotlight!

With the full cast of Street Woman Fighter announced and the first performance videos up online, it’s worth looking into who some of these impressive women are and this member of the YGX team (under YG Entertainment) is no exception.

Yell (far left), Jihyo (left), Leejung (center), Yeojin (right), and Isak (far right) | @ygx_official/Instagram

Leejung Lee is a choreographer and dancer who works with top idols in the industry and has worked on some of the most memorable girl group choreographies of the past few years.

Leejung performing her choreography to “Gucci” by Jessi | X ACADEMY/YouTube 

As a a dance trainer, she has worked with Somi, TWICE‘s Momo, and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé. She has even had a hand in choreographing for Somi’s solo “What You Waiting For” and Momo’s recent performance project.

Momo and Leejung behind the scenes for “Tadow” | TWICE/YouTube 

Her interactions with TWICE are not limited to just Momo though and have included adding choreography for a majority of their most recent comebacks including “Fancy”, “Feel Special”, “More & More”, “I Can’t Stop Me”, and “Alcohol-Free”.

Two versions of “Fancy”, the final TWICE version and Leejung’s original | TWICE/YouTube & JustJerk Dance Academy/YouTube 

She has also had a part in choreographing many of TWICE’s Japanese comebacks like “Breakthrough” and “Kura Kura”.

TWICE’s “Breakthrough” Music Video and Leejung’s choreography | TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel/YouTube & JustJerk Dance Academy/YouTube 

She has worked with TWICE’s label mate ITZY on choreography for hits like “ICY”, “WANNABE”, and their most recent song “마.피.아. In the morning”.

A section of Leejung’s choreography showing both Itzy and herself | ITZY/YouTube & X ACADEMY/YouTube 

Outside of JYP Entertainment groups, she has worked on tracks like “DUMDi DUMDi” for (G)I-DLE and “Bicycle” for Chungha.

Leejung’s original “Bicycle” choreography | OFD Studio/YouTube 

For YG Entertainment themselves, she’s worked on many projects, most recently iKon‘s appearance on Kingdom.

iKon and Leejung demonstrate the updated “Rhythm Ta” | Mnet K-POP/YouTube & OFD Studio/YouTube 

Within YG, there is a high likelihood you’ll see her as a back-up dancer for their groups as well, this year performing alongside BLACKPINK for THE SHOW where she even helped choreograph Jennie‘s iconic “SOLO” remix.

Silvergun (left) and Leejung (right) | X ACADEMY/YouTube 

The rest of YGX offers impressive credentials as well with members experience ranging from back-up dancers to b-girls to other choreographers including member Yeojin having helped choreograph aespa‘s “Next Level”. Check out how this crew did below and let us know if there are any other crews you want us to check out!

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