B.I Reportedly Admitted To Drug Charges, Considered A Suspect

He admitted to some charges.

Former iKON member B.I was questioned for more than 14 hours on September 18, where he admitted to some of the charges levied against him, and is now officially considered a suspect.

B.I arrived at the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Station at 9 am to begin his questioning, and was released from the station after 11 pm KST, meaning he was questioned for more than 14 hours.

Numerous press sources reported that during the investigations, B.I admitted to some of the charges that police have levied against him, and due to his admissions, police have booked him as a suspect for drug usage. During the investigations, police questioned B.I over whether or not he asked “A” to get him marijuana, and whether or not he ever used marijuana. Police will continue their investigations on B.I with his status now changed to a suspect.

After his investigations ended, he briefly spoke to reporters waiting outside the police station, and then left in his car that was waiting for him.

I’m sorry for doing something that caused public criticism.

— B.I

Police have plans to call in Yang Hyun Suk for additional questioning shortly. They intend on questioning him for his role in B.I’s drug case, such as whether or not he blackmailed “A” to change her word to the police. If the allegations against Yang Hyun Suk are true, additional charges such as blackmail and assisting in escaping a crime could be added.

Source: Seoul Newspaper and Newsis

B.I's Drug Scandal