Prosecution Demands B.I Serve 3 Years In Prison For His Drug Case

Prosecution made their demands.

Prosecution has demanded that B.I serve three years in prison for his drug case dating back to 2015.

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B.I’s first trial was held at the Seoul Central District Court at 11am KST on August 26 for the charges made against B.I for violating Korea’s narcotics law. Prosecutors asked the court to sentence B.I to three years in prison and ₩1.50 million KRW (about $1,280 USD) in fines.

Prior to the trial, B.I submitted a letter of apology to the court on August 25 KST. He also admitted to the charges made against him of purchasing and administering drugs through his agency, IOK Company.

I can’t turn back the past and my mistakes as they have already happened but I have been thinking about how I can help improve the world and help create a better society for the rest of my life.

— B.I through IOK Company

B.I completed a total of 9 investigations and drug testing sessions during the legal process.

Source: Newsen

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