B.I Has Been Appointed As An Executive Director Of Jo In Sung’s Agency, IOK Company

Congratulations, executive director Kim Hanbin.

Former iKON member B.I has been officially appointed as an executive director of IOK Company, home to numerous celebrities.

According to IOK Company’s press release from September 11, IOK Company’s 21st extraordinary shareholders meeting would be held today, September 28. During the meeting, B.I would be appointed as an executive director of the company.

| IOK Company

A total of 8 executive directors were appointed today, with B.I being the youngest of them all by a full seven years. His position as an executive director will remain for three years. IOK Company is home to celebrities such as Jo In Sung, Ji Suk Jin, Moon Hee Jun, and Lee Young Ja.

In addition, it was noted that B.I is currently listed as an artist under the agency 131 Label, which is rumored to be a label he established himself. Following his departure from YG Entertainment and iKON, he has been uploading music on his personal Soundcloud account, which also refers to 131. His most recent release was on September 3.

His fans have been so excited about the news, they crashed the website, rendering it unable to be accessed by anyone.

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B.I’s fans have also been sending their congratulations to him for his new position, trending the hashtag “#ExecutiveDirectorKimHanbin”.