B.I Fan Sends Han Seo Hee Hate Messages, Han Seo Hee Responds

She shifted the blame onto Yang Hyun Suk.

Former trainee, Han Seo Hee, recently responded to a hate message sent by a fan of B.I.

On July 24, Han Seo Hee shared a screenshot of a message sent by a fan of B.I on her Instagram story.


Please help. You’re not the only one with problems right now. I know it’s hard for everyone. If so, we should all resolve this issue together from the beginning. If this all goes away, you’ll both feel free. Please, I don’t want the unbelievable eyes of the news people. So please, I ask that you respond quickly.

Don’t blame B.I. Who are you to remove Kim Hanbin. Who are you to tell anyone what to do. Wake up, Han Seo Hee. How dare you do that to someone above you. Don’t touch Kim Hanbin. If you do it one more time, I won’t let it go. You’re going straight to jail.

ㅡ Netizen


In response to the message, Han Seo Hee made a short statement: “Hyunsuk is the one who removed Kim Hanbin thoughㅠㅠㅋ.”


B.I became involved in a drug scandal last month when a KakaoTalk chat log between B.I and his acquaintance talking about drugs from 2016 was exposed. The acquaintance was later revealed to be Han Seo Hee.


Yang Hyun Suk was later accused of ordering Han Seo Hee to reverse her statement on B.I’s attempted drug purchase, which led to speculations on YG Entertainment’s collusion with the police.


Han Seo Hee anonymously filed a public petition with the ACRC in regards to YG Entertainment’s alleged collusion with the police. B.I has since departed from the group, Former trainee, Han Seo Hee, recently responded to a hate message sent by a fan of B.I., after denying drug use accusations and Yang Hyun Suk has left YG Entertainment.

Source: My Daily

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