B.I Announces First Full Album And Global Single Release Dates

This will be his first full album as a soloist!

B.I is back and has announced the release dates of upcoming new global single and first full album, and fans are ecstatic.

B.I returned to the music scene this past January after a long hiatus of over a year, featuring in EPIK HIGH‘s album Epik High Is Here (Part 1). 


He then released a new song “Midnight Blue” in March, along with an album of songs from his Soundcloud. However, the album was not like a regular album, and was labeled as a donation project where he announced he will be donating all the profits to support children and youth in need.

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And now, he will be releasing his first full album, and a global single. His album will be released May 31 at 5 AM (EST), while his global single is set to release in a little over a week, on May 14 12 AM (EST).

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