B.I Set To Release First Album Since Leaving iKON, Will Donate All Profits From The Album

He will be donating all profits.

B.I is set to release his first album since leaving iKON, and he will be donating all of the profits to support children in need.

According to an exclusive report from Xportnews, B.I will be releasing Midnight Blue on March 19. The album will be a donation album, not a regular album and B.I will be donating all profits from the album, from sales to copyright royalties, to support children and youth in need.

The album will also include songs from B.I’s Soundcloud, where he has been posting some of his songs for his fans to listen to. In addition, B.I has been sharing exclusive content through 131EXCLUSIVE, and even hinted at his upcoming album’s release through the platform.

Check out the preview for “Midnight Blue” below:

Source: Xportnews
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