B.I. Makes Generous 1000 Mask Donation To Children’s Care Facility And More

He is an angel.

B.I. emerges with more generous donations to various organizations amidst COVID-19, and it will warm your heart.

On April 21st, he reportedly donated 1,000 face masks to Angels’ Haven For Children.


He has been doing volunteer work at AHFC since November 2019. However, since COVID-19, some has been postponed.


Similarly, on April 18th, B.I. also donated 1000 face masks to Wolgye Social Welfare Center.

©Wolgye Social Welfare Center

The organization expressed its gratitude towards B.I. after helping in this difficult situation.

You can find B.I.’s most recent “Demo 2” on his SoundCloud account.

Source: Wolgye Social Welfare Center and AHFC