B.I Pledges Monthly Donations To A Campaign That Helps Underprivileged Females

He had decided on this to signify his continued self-reflection

Former iKON‘s B.I has pledged monthly donations to a campaign called Basic For Girls. His agency, IOK Company has stated that the profits for his 2nd round of song releases will be donated to the campaign.

He will be contributing the profits from the copyrights and sales of his album and songs, as well as all profits from contents, to the campaign monthly.

B.I had also previously launched his project album, LOVE STREAMING, as well as his first solo full-length album, WATERFALL. Both of the albums’ profits were donated. This time, with the 2nd round of his new releases, he will be helping females from developing countries such as Africa obtain basic needs and rights such as toilet facilities, sanitary products and more, through the campaign.

As he also plans on a 3rd and 4th round of song releases, he will continue to donate the profits of these to other charities until the year 2060. IOK Company states that he had decided on this to signify his continued self-reflection and his hopes to become a help to others.

Source: Star Today