B.I Discredited From All Of iKON’s Music On Major Korean Music Sites

They discredited all of his hard work in a second.

After iKON‘s B.I admitted to purchasing illegal drugs, he had announced his departure from the group and YG Entertainment. Despite his departure, it appears major Korean music sites are attempting to erase his hard work as well.

B.I’s page on MelOn only shows his solo work for Show Me The Money as a song that he sang. All of his songs with iKON have disappeared.


In his albums page, all of iKON’s albums have disappeared and only his pre-debut work remain.


His record of past features for other artists’ albums only remain.


And the only trace of iKON available on his page is the countless songs and albums that he produced for his group.


Soribada, another major music site, erased iKON from his profile. They also erased all of iKON’s music from his discography.


Bugs! also took out iKON from B.I’s profile but kept a list of iKON’s music as his discography.


Fans were enraged as Seungri, another artist from YG Entertainment who left due to scandals, still has BIGBANG under his artist page.


Seungri is still considered a member of BIGBANG on Soribada and has all of their albums listed as his work.


Bugs! also did not erase any trace of BIGBANG from Seungri’s artist page.


Fans expressed their anger as they demanded justice for B.I, who had worked tirelessly for years to accomplish all of his hard work.

B.I's Drug Scandal