B.I Cautiously Reveals How He Ended Up Featuring In EPIK HIGH’s New Album

He was worried.

It was recently revealed that B.I would make his comeback to the entertainment industry through EPIK HIGH‘s new album, and it turned out to be true because B.I. featured in the song, “Acceptance Speech”, which is a song about both the light and darkness that exist in all of our hearts.

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In addition to featuring in the song, B.I also wrote and participated in producing the song.

But regarding the collaboration, B.I spoke up to express that he was very hesitant at first out of worry for EPIK HIGH.

I was worried I would bring harm upon my EPIK HIGH sunbaes, so even after receiving the offer, I couldn’t make my decision easily.

— B.I.

Luckily, EPIK HIGH gave him what he needed to ultimately participate in the song.

But the advice and encouragement of my sunbaes gave me courage, so after much consideration, I ended up choosing to participate.

— B.I

And B.I was beyond happy that he made that decision.

A collaboration with EPIK HIGH was a dream come true for me. I’d like to thank my sunbaes one more time for giving me the opportunity.

— B.I

Ahead of B.I’s return, the suspicion that he smoked marijuana in 2016 surfaced in 2019, ultimately leading to his withdrawal from iKON.

After acknowledging a part of the accusation, he released a formal apology and took a break from the entertainment industry to do volunteer work and make meaningful donations.

Source: Dispatch