B.I Will Be Completely Edited Out Of His Variety Shows After Drug Incident

He will be completely edited out.

Following the initial report of B.I trying to purchase drugs and his confession, where he admitted he wanted to try drugs, the variety shows where he was a guest have confirmed that he will be edited out to the best of their abilities

SBS, where B.I was a guest on Law of the Jungle in Lost Jungle, has confirmed that even though the other cast members may be affected, they will be editing out B.I as much as they can.

It is confirmed that we will edit out B.I as much as possible.

Even though other cast members may be affected, we plan to carefully edit the footage.


JTBC2, where B.I was a cast member on Grand Buda-Guest, has also confirmed the removal of B.I from their episodes.

Regarding B.I, we will edited him out of the parts that were already filmed as much as possible.

We will also edit him out of the re-runs for episodes 1 and 2, which already aired.


Law of the Jungle in Lost Jungle is scheduled to begin airing on June 15. B.I was part of the second team, which also consists of Red Velvet‘s Yeri, Hwang Seung Eon, Heo Kyung Hwan, and others. Grand Buda-Guest also stars Tony An and GWSN‘s Lena.

B.I's Drug Scandal