BIBI Kisses Fangirl At The 2024 Head In The Clouds Festival

The fan held a “BIBI, kiss me” sign!

Korean singer-songwriter BIBI kissed a fangirl!

BIBI | Unleashia

88rising brought its two-day music festival, Head In The Clouds (HITC), to the historic Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York, on May 11th and 12th. The all-star lineup of performers included BIBI.


During her song “BIBI Vengence,” she went offstage to interact with fans. One clip of her kissing a fan’s hand went viral on TikTok with 580K views at the time of writing after their friend shared the POV.


mother bibi at hitc ny is now a core memory #bibi #bibivengeance #hitcny #headintheclouds #88rising #newyork #foryou @Head In The Clouds Festival @88rising @nakedbibi

♬ BIBI Vengeance – BIBI

After, BIBI hugged a fangirl. Yet, the fangirl wanted more. She asked for a kiss, to which BIBI agreed, and the two shared a brief kiss on the lips.


@nakedbibi @Head In The Clouds Festival to the girl that got kissed by bibi!

♬ original sound – Elma Choy

The clip went viral on X (formerly Twitter) with 1.3M views at the time of writing.

The fangirl in question had actually held a sign reading, “BIBI, kiss me.” BIBI must have seen this and granted her wish! The fangirl’s post went viral with 229.6K views on TikTok at the time of writing.


i think i won @nakedbibi @Head In The Clouds Festival #hitc #nyc #bibi #fyp

♬ Sugar Rush – BIBI

This would not be the first time (and probably won’t be the last) that BIBI kissed a fan. BIBI, known for her unmatched fanservice, previously went viral for kissing a fan at 88rising‘s Head In The Clouds 2021 (HITC) and 2023 WATERBOMB.


Guys she’s unreal😭🤌🏻 #waterbomb2023 #bibi #waterbomb #korea #seoul #waterbombfestival #fyp #foryoupage #워터밤

♬ original sound – Polianna_An

At this point, many fans have FOMO, as it appears everyone has been kissed by BIBI but them!

When will it be our turn?


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