BIBI Reveals The Differences Between Clubbing In Gangnam, Hongdae, And Itaewon

“I’m a really hot girl, and I’m here to hook up with a really hot guy.”

Seoul is known for having a great club scene, but for those who have never gone dancing in the city that never sleeps, it can be intimidating.

Club in Gangnam | Timeout Korea

Luckily for them, singer BIBI recently broke down what clubbing is like in three of the city’s districts best known for cutting up a rug, Hongdae, Itaewon, and Gangnam.

Recently the legendary talk show, Witch Hunt, made its reboot debut on streaming platform TVING.

Witch Hunt is one of Korea’s earliest rated-R talk shows, where celebrity guests could talk openly about sex. The show helped establish the now beloved broadcast station JTBC and the show host careers of entertainers such as Kwak Jung Eun and Han Hye Jin.

In Witch Hunt 2022, MC Shin Dong Yup returns as MC along with new panelists BIBI, Code Kunst, and Kim Eana.

In a recent episode BIBI explained the differences between the clubbing scenes in Hongdae, Itaewon, and Gangnam.

Itaewon, Gangnam, and Hongdae all have different scenes.


According to the singer, there are three distinct differences. First, for clubs in Itaewon, the singer revealed the following.

Itaewon is where people who act like they are there to listen to the music go and act super nonchalant like ‘I’m just someone in their mid-20s who enjoy music.


As for Gangnam’s club scene, which is known for glitzy cars and beautiful people, the singer revealed how it differs from Itaewon.

Gangnam is like, I’m a really hot guy, and I’m here to hook up with a really hot girl…


And I’m a really hot girl, and I’m here to hook up with a really hot guy.


BIBI revealed that in Hongdae, which is a neighborhood surrounding Hongik University and is frequented by people almost exclusively in their early twenties (late 20s need not apply), the singer revealed how

Hongdae is like, I just turned twenty, and this is my first time…


It seems BIBI has the clubbing scene in Korea on lock! Have you ever been clubbing in Korea? If so, which is your scene?

Source: TVING/YouTube