BIBI Reveals What ZICO Said That Had Her In Her Feelings

Had ZICO sweating!

There is a time and place for everything.

For musicians, however, sometimes there is no time like prime time.

Recently, Rapper and singer BIBI had fellow musician ZICO back-pedaling on television.


On the July 30 episode of tvN‘s Amazing Saturday, ZICO, BIBI, and IVE‘s Ahn Yujin were guests.

BIBI was on the show to promote her upcoming new album, which fans know, she has been working incredibly hard to complete.

Zico (circled left) and BIBI (circled right) | tvN

MC Boom then asked BIBI a question that took ZICO by surprise.

| tvN

Is it true that you had a listening session for your new album and that ZICO’s comment hurt your feelings?

— Boom

BIBI then jokingly revealed what ZICO had said that had her so upset.


I worked for over a year to complete the album, but after ZICO listened to it, he said, ‘It’s great, but it would be better if you fixed this.’ I would’ve much preferred had he said something warm instead.


| tvN

ZICO got noticeably flustered, and stated that he was giving honest feedback because he cared, causing laughter.

The fact that I said, ‘It would sound better if you tweaked this,’ means I am putting my energy into my critique. I said it because I thought it would really sound better (if you made the changes). It wasn’t to dismiss your effort; instead, I said it because I know how much effort you put into it.


After listening to ZICO’s explanation, BIBI stated she finally understood, and the two artists made up.

| tvN

BIBI’s new album will be released in September. The artist revealed that the album consists of 13 tracks and that she filmed five music videos for it.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram

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