BIBI Confirms That She And GOT7’s Mark Tuan Are Featured On “Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings” Soundtrack, And We’re Freaking Out

88rising, BIBI, Seori, and GOT7’s Mark Tuan all on one soundtrack?!

Earlier this year, rumors circulated about GOT7‘s Jackson Wang featuring on the soundtrack for Marvel Studios‘ first Asian-lead superhero film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Well, it looks like we might still be getting a GOT7 rapper featured on the film’s soundtrack but a different one than we originally thought.

Ahgases began to speculate that GOT7’s Mark Tuan might be featured on the Shang-Chi soundtrack after he appeared at the film’s red carpet premiere in Los Angeles, California. From then on, Ahgases dubbed Jackson and Mark as the “Marvel line.”

Both have gotten the attention of everyone, not just their pre-existing fans of theirs but even fans of Marvel. Many Marvel-focused accounts on Twitter soon turned into Mark stan accounts…

From then on, there seemed to be a high likelihood that, since Marvel accounts were prominently highlighting him, perhaps he really is going to be on the soundtrack. Well, it seems more than ever now that it is true. Fans recently noticed that Mark is listed on the Marvel fan website Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki as having contributed to the soundtrack with a TBA track.

| Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki

However, it looks like the title might be confirmed now. First, Mark posted some additional photos of himself from the premiere about a week later with a bit of an unusual caption. It read “NGCD,” which we now believe to be an acronym for his song title.

Recently, a tracklist has been circulating the internet said to be for the Shang-Chi soundtrack. Included in the list are Mark Tuan and BIBI for the song “Never Gonna Come Down.” “NGCD” is clearly an acronym of this title.

| @zenqueen65/Twitter

Considering Mark also posted that as the caption for not just any photos but for his Shang-Chi premiere photos, it seems more than likely that this was his hint for fans. Even the Marvel stan accounts can agree.

| BRMarvelNews/Twitter

That’s not all. BIBI herself reposted the tracklist on her Instagram Stories, once and for all, confirming her involvement. A fan tagged her in the post, asking, “Is it real life that seori and bibi will be on an ost for a marvel movie????” Her reply? It is, in fact, real!

It’s real life


| @nakedbibi/Instagram

Now, fans are freaking out rightfully so (honestly, we are too). Seriously, some of our favorite artists are part of history by being featured on Marvel’s first Asian-lead film’s OST!

While Mark may have thought he told us with that hint of an IG caption, many of us didn’t catch on until now.

In addition to Mark, BIBI, and Seori, many 88rising artists have contributed to the soundtrack for the blockbuster, such as Rich Brian and NIKI. Previously, 88rising’s Instagram account had also tagged Jackson when the first trailer was released. Yet, there has been no update, and his tag was removed.

Additionally, 21 Savage, DJ Snake, and Saweetie among other popular artists, are featured. Some of the songs have already been released and are available on music streaming platforms.

Released songs on Spotify. | Spotify

While other Asian American singers such as Bella Poarch and former U-KISS member Kevin Woo also attended the LA premiere for Shang-Chi, there have been no hints or indications that they are involved in the soundtrack.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings stars Chinese Canadian actor Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Michelle Yeoh, Ronny Chieng, Benedict Wong and releases on September 3, 2021. Look forward to more updates about the soundtrack.

Source: @nakedbibi and Bandwagon


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