Big Hit Set To Debut New Boy Group With Eliminated Contestants From “I-LAND”

They will debut sometime in 2021!

It has just been announced that Big Hit Entertainment is gearing up to debut a new boy group!

| Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Japan just released some exciting news for all you I-LAND fans. They revealed that there will be a “Big Hit Global Project”, which will have the artists start their journey on stage in Japan before launching their careers globally all over the world. Previously eliminated contestants Taki, Nicholas, EJ, K and Kyungmin were introduced in a video released by their official YouTube channel, Big Hit Labels. In the video, each member goes through and introduces themself to the viewers.

Still from “Global Debut Project” video | Big Hit Labels/YouTube

In the caption provided by Big Hit Labels, it has been further revealed that it will not just be these five boys in the group. Big Hit Entertainment has plans to add additional members and will be officially launching &AUDITION. This audition will be held specifically to pick potential new members to join this upcoming boy group. Get excited because they are set to debut sometime in 2021.

| Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment has been making some serious moves all year long and it seems like that momentum won’t be stopping anytime soon. Are you all excited for this new boy group? Watch the introductory video from the members K, Taki, Nicholas, EJ and Kyungmin down below!


Source: theqoo
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