Big Hit Entertainment Acquires ZICO’s KOZ Entertainment

Another new member joins the Big Hit Labels family.

There will be a new face joining the Big Hit Labels banner, with ZICO‘s KOZ Entertainment becoming the newest face.

According to Big Hit Entertainment‘s announcement made today, they will be acquiring KOZ Entertainment, formed by Block B‘s Zico. Currently KOZ Entertainment is home to ZICO and DVWN, who was recruited in November.

This marks the third agency acquisition made by Big Hit Entertainment this year, following the acquisition of both Source Music and Pledis Entertainment. With KOZ Entertainment’s acquisition, Big Hit Entertainment looks to further improve their infrastructure, with both expanding their artist IP and strengthening their music production capabilities with ZICO’s producing.

Both KOZ Entertainment CEO Yoo Seung Hyun and Big Hit Entertainment Chairman Bang Si Hyuk commented on the acquisition.

The philosophy of both KOZ and Big Hit Entertainment are similar. We value our artists, our content, and aim to be innovators in the music industry and Big Hit is innovating in the business model side. We will work hard to find new talented artists and promote globally under cooperation with Big Hit.

— Yoo Seung Hyun

We are glad to work with Zico, one of the nation’s top producers and artists. We expect KOZ to also be active in the global market via Big Hit’s global network and systematic music production. We look forward to the synergy that Big Hit and KOZ will have together.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Big Hit Labels now includes Lee Hyun, BTS, TXT, ENHYPENGFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST, Nana, and ZICO.

Source: Osen