Big Hit Entertainment announces possibility of BTS brother group

Bang Si Hyuk revealed some of the future plans for BTS and upcoming groups in the company.

Big Hit Entertainment‘s CEO Bang Si Hyuk recently held an interview and talked about BTS’s future as well as future plans within the company.

First, Bang Si Hyuk talked about potentially creating a BTS unit group, and how the members currently want to focus on the group.

“There is always the possibility of BTS promoting as a unit. But the members’ decision and opinion are very important. Right now though, both the members and myself are focusing on the group as a whole.”

— Bang Si Hyuk

He also revealed that Big Hit could be debuting a new group in the future.

“We have had discussions about BTS’s brother group but there has not been anything confirmed. We do have male trainees but I don’t know what will happen yet. One thing that’s for sure though is that we have no female trainees. I saw the rumors that BTS’s sister group was in the works, but we do not have any female trainees.”

— Bang Si Hyuk

Finally, Bang Si Hyuk thanked A.R.M.Y.‘s around the worked, crediting BTS’s success to the fans and all of the love that they have given the group.

Source: Osen

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