Big Hit Entertainment’s New Teaser Is Clowning BTS Fans Everywhere

The new “D-2” countdown teaser isn’t what fans were expecting.

Big Hit Entertainment has released a new countdown teaser, and it’s making fans want to scream!

On May 17, BTS retweeted a mysterious “D-7” teaser image posted by their agency. Since then, a new image has been tweeted each day at midnight KST.

What is the countdown for? Who is in the picture? On “D-3”, fans thought they had it all figured out. The person in the picture has to be Jungkook (for his first mixtape) or Suga (for an AGUST D comeback)…right?

Since each countdown image is clearer than the last, ARMY expected to finally have an answer on “D-2”. Let’s just say that right now, somewhere, a Big Hit Entertainment employee is cackling maniacally.

What the heck is this?

“D-2” is even more difficult to see than “D-3”! Now, fans are ready to rip off their clown wigs, flip tables, and storm Big Hit Entertainment headquarters for answers!

There’s just one day left on the countdown, but will “D-1” bring clarity or just more stress? We’ll soon find out!

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