BTS’s Suga And RM Dropped A Huge “AGUST D 2” Hint, According To Fans

Here’s why “D-3” could be counting down to an AGUST D comeback.

Will BTS‘s Suga be making his AGUST D comeback this week? Some detective-fans say “yes”, and they have evidence to back it up!

Right now, ARMYs are going bananas over a mysterious countdown that hints at a new BTS project. For the past five days, Big Hit Entertainment has been releasing countdown teasers captioned “D-7”, “D-6”, and so on.

On May 20, Big Hit Entertainment dropped their clearest teaser yet for “D-3”. Who is in this image? The votes are currently divided between Suga and Jungkook, who are both working on mixtapes.

A possible hint, however, might soon tilt the scales in AGUST D’s favor, if they haven’t already. On May 2, Suga hosted “DJ Suga Honey FM 0.613”, a live, audio-only broadcast with RM. At one point, they talked about Suga’s in-progress sequel to AGUST D and its release date.

Many listeners were disappointed to hear that Suga would not be releasing AGUST D 2 any time soon. “Not today or tomorrow,” he said.

“It’s a shame,” RM replied, but he didn’t press the subject. ARMYs are now wondering if RM, aka the spoiler king, knew more than he was telling!

According to some fans, Suga and RM’s words say one thing but their tone says something entirely different. Could this actually be a spoiler?

We’ll soon find out! Stay tuned for updates.