Big Hit Entertainment To Investigate Manager’s Personal Use Of BTS’s Private Van 

BTS’s agency is looking into the allegations.

BTS‘s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, is planning to investigate a matter brought to their attention by concerned fans.

Recently, a user on a Korean online community board shared Instagram photos taken by the girlfriend of one of BTS’s managers from inside BTS’s private van.

A bit later the girl posted another story that showed the inside of BTS’s van with the caption “Woah~ this is the van that BTS rides in.” I noticed that this wasn’t a one-time thing and that they had ridden in the van quite a few times before. I’ve taken screen shots of some of the times she posted about it. I’m worried as I don’t think they should be allowing people to ride in celebrities cars without them knowing.

— Original Poster

The photos revealed that the staff member in question had used BTS’s van to drive his girlfriend around several times. In response, fans expressed their concern, fearing a privacy breach, and reached out to Big Hit Entertainment.

On May 19, Big Hit Entertainment announced that they are now investigating the matter and will be taking action once details about the allegations have been confirmed.

Stay tuned for updates.

Fans Are Upset After Finding Out BTS’s Manager Drove His Girlfriend Around In Their Van

Source: Newsen