Big Hit Entertainment To Implement Lottery System For Overseas BTS Tour Tickets

It will gradually be implemented.

Big Hit Entertainment has previously introduced the lottery-system for their concert tickets with BTS‘s fan meeting back in June and their Seoul concert in October through Weverse. Now, it appears that Big Hit Entertainment will gradually be implementing this for more overseas tours and concerts.

Previously, Korean ARMYs have expressed their dissappointment with the lottersy system, since they were to compete with global fans and were unable to pre-book lottery tickets. Now, Korean fans have again expressed their discomfort with this, saying that they don’t know how effective this will be since it’s unsure how they will verify the identity of an overseas fan.

Still, one of the directors Yoon Seok Jun has stated that it will be pushing through, saying,

The ticketing lottery system will gradually be used for overseas concerts to improve the fan experience.

This is being done to avoid unfair ticketing circumstances and to ensure that fans get the best experience while watching BTS.

Source: Naver