Big Hit Entertainment Invests ₩4 Billion KRW Into Renowned AI Audio Company Supertone To Create New Digital Content

Could BTS themed AI be coming?

Big Hit Entertainment has announced they have invested ₩4 billion KRW ($3,611,493 USD) into AI audio company Supertone to create new digital content.

According to the joint press release made public by the two companies, Big Hit Entertainment will invest ₩4 billion KRW into Supertone, and the investment will be used to further improve its technology and accelerate their production of media content for the public.

Supertone has made a name for itself in the entertainment industry recently, featuring its technology on several television programs, including SBS‘s AI vs Human and Mnet‘s One More Time, a show where AI technology is used to reproduce the voices of singers that passed away.

Big Hit Entertainment shared that they plan on creating digital content with Supertone.

We look forward to the synergy that will be created with Big Hit’s strong IP (intellectual property) and Supertone’s technology. We will work hard to create digital content that will both provide comfort to and impress our fans through close cooperation between the two companies.

— Big Hit Entertainment HQ CEO Park Ji Won

Supertone shared what fans could expect with their new collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment.

We are pleased to partner with Big Hit Entertainment, who are leading the global entertainment market. We will accelerate the globalization of our AI technology through our partnership with Big Hit Entertainment, and further provide the necessary connection for Korean companies to maintain their technological superiority in this age of global digital content and production.

— Supertone CEO Lee Gyo Gu

Source: Osen