Big Hit Just Held Their Corporate Briefing, Here’s Everything They Revealed Including 3 New Groups, A New BTS Album, And 2 New Games

So. Much. Content.

Big Hit Entertainment just held their corporate briefing for the 2nd quarter of 2020, and shared a whole bunch of news and details.

Bang Si Hyuk first talked about Big Hit Entertainment’s financial report for the first half of 2020. He revealed that Big Hit Entertainment earned ₩294 billion KRW ($248,323,572 USD) in revenue, with ₩49.7 billion KRW in profit ($41,978,508 USD).

Following that, he revealed the company’s plans for their new groups, including finally a new girl group. In 2020, the boy group formed through I-LAND will debut, followed by a new girl group in 2021 and another new boy group in 2022. TXT just recently debuted last year, in 2019.

Following a section where Bang Si Hyuk raved about all of the accomplishments the Big Hit Label artists achieved in 2020 so far, including BTS‘s invitation to speak at the online graduation ceremony, he surprised ARMY by revealing BTS will be releasing a new album in the fourth quarter of 2020 (between October-December).

Bang Si Hyuk then followed up BTS’s news with praise for all of the Big Hit Label artists, including SEVENTEEN, NU’EST, TXT, and GFRIEND. He then revealed some details about the new Source Music girl group, which was previously teased in their last corporate briefing.

There’s another Source Music girl group undergoing remarkable new changes. We introduced them in our last corporate briefing. It’s a new girl group set to debut in 2021.

This team was formed through the Plus Global Auditions that were held in 16 cities around the world, last year. They are working hard right now, for their debut next year.

While we can’t reveal much now, you can be assured that they will be a team of girls full of unique charms, and be a global girl group coming from diverse backgrounds and languages.

It will be a blockbuster girl group, produced by myself and Big Hit’s team, Min Hee Jin CBO’s creative directing, and Source Music’s color and girl group knowledge.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Following the artist announcements, Big Hit Entertainment moved on to the IP side, with General Manager Rhee Seung Suk. He introduced TinyTAN, which was recently revealed.

TinyTAN will come with a story of their own and will be brought to you as lifestyle products.

Starting with modelling for Downy, there will be a series of collaborations and licensing with TinyTAN.

— Rhee Seung Suk

DJ Kim, General Manager of Big Hit Three Sixty which manages their video content, shared some details about their newest reality show, In The Soop, BTS.

It will feature BTS relaxing and enjoying themselves without any prompting from the production staff in a forest, across 8 episodes lasting from 60-80 minutes each.

— DJ Kim

A new concert, BTS MAP OF THE SOUL : ONE was also announced for BTS in October, with fans able to view the concert in person or online. This concert will showcase songs from BTS’s latest album, MAP OF THE SOUL : 7.

It was also announced that HYYH: The Notes 2 will be released on August 25.

Fans who were disappointed when it was announced SuperStar BTS would be discontinued can also rejoice, as it was announced that Big Hit’s game subsidiary Superb is preparing a new mobile rhythm game that will allow fans to enjoy all of the Big Hit Labels artists’ music. It will be offered in a multi-player format so fans across the world can enjoy it.

BTS’s BTS Universe game with Netmarble also had more details shared.

The BTS Universe, BU’s original story, will be unfolded in this game.

It’s a sandbox game where users can create their own stories. Users create different stories, share them, and freely communicate with each other.

— Lenzo

Watch the full briefing below, with English subtitles.