Big Hit Entertainment’s Sneak Attack Has Fans Ready To Throw Hands

They dropped new content at the worst possible time.

Many Big Hit Entertainment fans suffer from “twelvehitphobia”, the fear that the agency will drop new content at midnight, but here’s the truth: no time of day is safe!

On June 26, Mnet premiered I-LAND, a new K-Pop reality show featuring a cast of new trainees. The show is a joint project between Big Hit Entertainment’s BELIFT LAB Incorporations subsidiary and CJ ENM.

I-LAND‘s twists and turns were enough to stress fans out, but Big Hit Entertainment added fuel to this emotional fire with TXT.

While I-LAND was airing, the agency released two teasers for TXT’s “Eternally” MV.

Ayo, Hitman Bang!

One features Soobin

…and the other one stars Yeonjun.

Needless to say, MOA was not ready to be ambushed!

This isn’t the first time that the agency’s timing has made fans want to throw hands. Last February, a ticket giveaway for TXT was announced during the 61st Grammy Awards, which BTS attended as presenters. There was just too much goodness happening at once!