Big Hit Entertainment Will Officially Change Their Company Name To HYBE Corporation

It’s no longer Big Hit Entertainment.

Big Hit Entertainment will officially be changing its company name to HYBE Corporation to mark its start as a comprehensive content company.

Founder Bang Si Hyuk | Big Hit Entertainment

Earlier in the day, ARMYs noticed some documents mentioning the change of Big Hit Entertainment’s company name. Big Hit Entertainment has since officially announced the decision through a report filed to Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service, along with the general shareholder’s meeting scheduled for the future.

Previously, founder and producer Bang Si Hyuk has mentioned that the company label of “Entertainment” is no longer inclusive of everything the agency will be offering.

We will become the world’s leading entertainment and lifestyle platform company. By removing ‘entertainment,’ we will have a new, comprehensive image as a general contents group — which is our mission.

— Bang Si Hyuk

In addition to the company name change, real estate has also been added to the business purpose for HYBE. HYBE will rent out practice rooms and auxiliary spaces to their subsidiary companies and other affiliates. HYBE already lists music production, performance, management, and internet business as its purposes.

| Big Hit Entertainment

The general shareholder’s meeting will be held at 9 am KST on March 30 at the Dragon City Hotel. The general meeting will cover the change of the company’s name to HYBE and the appointment of Bang Si Hyuk as an internal director. One of the changes that will be made is the company’s website, from “” to “”

Source: SPOTV
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