Big Hit Music Responds To Reports About BTS’s Comeback In May

Fans can’t wait for their comeback!

Recently, news outlets revealed that BTS was reportedly making a comeback this May.


In regards to this, Big Hit Music responded that “artists’ plans will be revealed once everything has been finalized.”

It has also been reported that the group has recently done various live broadcasts, interviews and more in preparation for a comeback.

In a previous live broadcast in February, they revealed that they were working on new music.

We think that the most important thing for a singer is to sing well, dance well, release good albums, and communicate with everyone. We have some good songs coming out now. We hope to make a comeback soon with more good songs.


During their ET Canada interview in March, they also hinted again at their comeback.

We are currently working on new music as a group and individually. ARMYs can anticipate a lot of things from us this year.

BTS previously released their BE album with their title track “Life Goes On” last November. If they make a comeback in the first half of this year, it will be six months since their last promotion.

Source: newsen