Big Hit Music Reveals All BTS Members And Staff Are Fully Vaccinated Ahead Of Return To International Promotions

They have been vaccinated.

Big Hit Music has revealed that all seven BTS members as well as their staff members have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 ahead of their return to international promotions.

BTS | Big Hit Music

Big Hit Music shared the announcement with Newsen ahead of BTS’s ceremony at the Blue House later today, September 14 KST.

Vaccinations were carried out ahead of our special promotional activities and overseas schedules.

We are preparing for new schedules and types of performances. When the plans are confirmed, we will share a separate announcement.

— Big Hit Music

These vaccinations that were given out included all staff members of HYBE and all of the BTS members. While Big Hit Music has since been holding discussions about overseas performances again, nothing has been confirmed yet due to the volatility of the Covid-19 situation.

Because of BTS and their staff members all being fully vaccinated in Korea, they will likely no longer need to partake in the mandatory 2-week quarantine for individuals entering Korea. Residents of Korea who have been fully vaccinated within the country do not need to quarantine for 2-weeks, but instead they will need to take a PCR test and quarantine until their result is out, usually within 24 hours. Should they test negative, they are free to leave quarantine and are simply required to take another PCR test 6 days after they return to Korea.

BTS is scheduled to attend the 76th UN General Assembly from September 21-27, and it will be their third time participating in such an event.

Source: Newsen