Big Hit Shop Crashes Before The BTS Official Lightstick Version 3 Even Began Selling

ARMYs have succeeded in not only crashing the site, but also in trending the ARMY BOMB VER.3!

At 12:39 pm July 27th, the Big Hit Shop homepage crashed due to the amount of traffic caused by fans visiting to check out BTS’ official lightstick version 3 (ARMY BOMB VER.3).


This just goes to prove the true power of BTS as the ARMY BOMB VER.3 has not even begun selling yet! The pre-sale for the lightstick is scheduled to begin at 6 pm KST, July 27th.

The lightstick will officially be released on August 9th.


In fact, ARMYs not only crashed the site, but have even managed to trend BTS’ new official lightstick! Big Hit Shop ranked first on a major Korean search engine as of 3 pm KST.


Despite the fact that the new version of the official lightstick is quite similar to the first two versions with the exception of a thinner stand and a BTS tour logo inside, fans are more than excited to get their hands on one! The fact that it comes with 7 photocards is just a plus!


Unfortunately, many fans are still having difficulties even accessing the website due to the traffic.


Meanwhile, Big Hit Entertainment has yet to release any updates on the situation. Good luck to everyone waiting to purchase the latest BTS lightstick!