Big Hit Entertainment Releases Statement About Sasaeng In J-Hope’s Birthday Stream

They clarified what happened:

February 18th was the birthday of BTS’ J-Hope and the idol celebrated it together with fans through a live broadcast.


Some fans, however, noticed a person peeking into the hotel room the members were in and assumed the person was a sasaeng (over-obsessive fans).


ARMYs were outraged after seeing the sasaeng reach the members’ hotel room and demanded that Big Hit improve their security.


Big Hit Entertainment has since released a statement clarifying that the woman in the video was a staff member, and that she was not a sasaeng.

After confirming the facts, we found out that (the person) was a staff member. The area is off limits to outisders. We are ver strict on the protection of our artists.

ㅡ Big Hit Entertainment


Source: News1


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