BIGBANG Couldn’t Attend Seungri’s First Solo Concert… Here’s Who Went Instead

“Thank you for having wonderful sons!”

BIGBANG’s Seungri kickstarted his first solo tour, but his fellow group mates were unfortunately unable to attend this career milestone due to the fact that they are all in the military.


However, they sent their support in the form of flower wreaths – and the individual projects set up by their own fans. 

BIGBANG Couldn’t Attend Seungri’s Concert… So Here’s What They Did Instead 


But it seems like, BIGBANG’s own parents had other plans as they were spotted supporting the group’s youngest member as well! 


Seungri personally thanked BIGBANG’s parents through a heartwarming post on Instagram. 

“BIGBANG parents who get along better than BIGBANG. They cheered on my solo concert in Japan today! Thank you for having wonderful sons! #SeungriMomDad #TaeyangMomDad #GDMomDad”

– Seungri


It’s worth noting that Seungri was always present at every solo concert of the members, only for them to be absent when it came to his turn. So, the gesture pulled some heartstrings. 


Their parents can be as sweet as the actual members. Such a spoiled maknae!