BIGBANG’s Daesung Sheds Light On How Marriage Has Changed Taeyang

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin married in 2018.

BIGBANG‘s Daesung spoke about how his fellow BIGBANG member Taeyang changed after marrying his wife, Min Hyo Rin.

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On March 6, Daesung appeared in an episode of Channel A‘s Cohabitation, Not Marriage. In the episode, YouTuber and former HALO member Dino (also known as Cho Sungho) and his girlfriend of 12 years, YouTuber Lee Sang Min, were featured.

Poster for Cohabitation, Not Marriage |

In the episode, the couple held a housewarming party and invited BIGBANG’s Daesung, BTOB‘s Eunkwang, B1A4‘s CNU, actor Cho Yoon Woo, and current soldier Kim Sun Woo, who all served in the military with Dino.

From left: Dino, Daesung, Eunkwang, CNU, Cho Yoon Woo, and Kim Sun Woo |

During the episode, Daesung and the rest of the guests spoke about their opinions about couples who live together despite not being married. After listening to the opinions of the other guests, Daesung carefully revealed his thoughts on the issue.

When I hear that someone is living with their partner, I don’t think much of it, but if I imagine myself living with someone, it isn’t an easy decision to make.

— Daesung

Dino and his partner Lee Sang Min then spoke about their living situation. Although Dino stated that he was living with Lee Sang Min to eventually get married, Lee Sang Min’s opinion differed. Lee Sang Min stated, “If (I could choose not to) I never want to get married,” before leaving the room to get ice cream.

Dino then confided to his friends that he felt conflicted because when he and his partner are alone, she doesn’t seem to be against marriage, but when she is with her friends, she declares herself against marriage. Dino then stated that he had never had a serious conversation about marriage with his partner.

Daesung then chimed in and stated that it might be prudent to listen to what people around them have to say. Daesung also revealed that people around him, including fellow BIGBANG member Taeyang, encourage him to get married.

I think it is also important to listen to what people around you have to say. My acquaintances always encourage me to get married. They say that, in particular, if you have children, they are another blessing, and the happiness that comes from them is immeasurable in words. Taeyang hyung, who I am around closely, is the same way.

— Daesung

Daesung then revealed how marriage changed Taeyang for the better and explained that if Lee Sang Min also saw the positive changes in married people, she may come around.

(Taeyang) became more secure after marriage. He has always been a secure person, but (after marriage) he seems more grounded and secure, so the changes that marriage brings look good to me.

— Daesung

Meanwhile, Taeyang married actress Min Hyo Rin in 2018, and the couple gave birth to their first child in 2021.

Taeyang (left) and Min Hyo Rin (right) | SBS News



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