BIGBANG’s Daesung Revealed To Have Been Running An Anonymous YouTube Channel For 8 Months

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Many VIPs have been wondering what BIGBANG‘s Daesung has been up to after he was discharged from the military. Daesung had been lying low, stepping away from the limelight. While the other members are still fairly active on social media and in the media, Daesung seemed to disappear, causing fans to wonder what the mysterious vocal king was up to.

After he and Taeyang was discharged in November 2019, the group planned to appear in Coachella, April 2020. However, with the global pandemic ongoing, the festival was cancelled. Recently, when a fan asked Taeyang for some updates on Daesung, he cryptically replied with only one word, “D’splay“.

| @VIP__EGG/Twitter

While many wondered what this meant, fans figured it out soon enough. Daesung had been secretly posting drum covers on a YouTube channel anonymously, without revealing who he was.

| @VIP__EGG/Twitter

Before news got out, he had only 81 followers, with average views of a few hundred per video. Now, he has over 20,000 subscribers, a number that is sure to keep rising.

| SPOTV News

In fact, fans are wondering why it took so long to be discovered, given that all his covers use his iconic blue glitter drum set that he played often in concerts before. His first cover was BIGBANG’s “Bad Boy”, posted June 2020. Check it out below!