BIGBANG Fans Wish Seungri the Best Despite Recent Criminal Charges

They even started a social media campaign.

On March 10, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency charged Seungri for providing prostitutes to high-profile investors following an internal investigation that began after the police released KakaoTalk conversation records supporting their suspicions through media outlets.

As the internal investigation converted into a formal investigation, Seungri officially became a criminal subject, and the current investigation is looking into the other celebrities that might have been involved as well.

As soon as this report came out, BIGBANG fans from abroad began to share photos of the caption, “I’ll wait for you on this flower road” as if it had been agreed upon beforehand. The flower road they’re referring to is from the song that was released in March of last year, and it means to walk a smooth and peaceful path.

These fans are sharing such posts on social media along with hashtags such as #SeungriYouHaveUs and #SeungriYouAreNotAlone. It appears that despite the backlash Seungri has been receiving for his recent scandals, many fans have decided to stand by him and wish him the best.

Source: Insight