BIGBANG Fans Angry About Female Idols Performing “Flower Road” At 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon

Fans claim that it’s disrespectful for other idols to sing a fan song.

A popular Korean news source claimed that TWICE‘s Dahyun, Apink‘s Bomi, GFRIEND‘s Eunha and MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul are preparing a special stage, where they will cover BIGBANG‘s ‘Flower Road’ at the 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon.

SBS 가요대전 콜라보 무대 스포.jpg트와이스 다현, 에이핑크 보미, 마마무 문별, 여자친구 은하가 빅뱅의 '꽃길'을 부른다고 합니다.지디 – 다현 / 탑 – 문별 / 승리 – 은하 / 태양&대성 – 보미

Posted by 아이돌 이슈 on Sunday, December 23, 2018


BIGBANG’s ‘Flower Road’ was released back in March of this year, as a special memorial track for the fans while the members are away fulfilling their military duties.


G-Dragon explained to V.I.Ps that he especially wrote it after being inspired by his fans.

“When I’m on stage and look at the hands of our fans, I feel like I’m walking on a flower road. With that flower road in mind, I reminisced about the past. Instead of an extravagant decoration, I hope my sincere gratitude towards a beloved friend can be delivered.”

— G-Dragon


With the song holding so much meaning between the members and their fans, V.I.Ps began expressing their objection against other idols performing the song on a grand stage. They argued that it’s disrespectful as even the members themselves have yet to perform it on stage together.

“It’s like writing a love letter to someone but someone else steals that letter and sends it to someone else that they love. Everyone gets pissed from it. Even the person receiving the letter would be pissed. Who planned this stage? Identify yourself.” — @__bling819


Fans began trending the hashtag “#GayoDaejeon_Delete_FlowerRoad” on Twitter, requesting SBS Gayo Daejeon to scrap their idea of covering the song for their ceremony stage.

“Are you crazy? Why are they messing with ‘Flower Road’? It’s our fan song. Get your head together. How does Gayo Daejeon have the audacity to take someone else’s fan song, a song that even the artists have yet to sing live yet, and coordinate it for their show??? Why choose ‘Flower Road’ out of all of BIGBANG’s sons. It makes no f*cking sense. Try using your brain.” — @bysango10

“‘Flower Road’ is a song that BIGBANG gave to their fans before they enlisted. It holds a very big meaning. I’m formally and desperately requesting that you delete this. Not even the original artists have performed this on stage yet. Please try to understand the fans’ feelings.” — @kdcklvip06

“I’m sure there are many people who can misunderstand but we are not bashing other artists for covering ‘Flower Road’. We are only criticizing SBS. Please don’t misunderstand.” — @nhb0413

“We want to see BIGBANG sing ‘Flower Road’. We don’t want to see other artists song ‘Flower Road’.” — @Reneot10

“I’m upset that the song did well. I guess if the song is successful, it’s not considered a fan song.” — @VoteForSeungRi_

“BIGBANG made ‘Flower Road’ with their fans in mind, and it’s common knowledge that it’s a fan song. I don’t think it’s right for other artists besides BIGBANG to sing this song. It can be any other song by BIGBANG, but please delete ‘Flower Road’ collaboration.” — @nhb0413


This isn’t the first controversy that arose with other artists singing the song. SECHSKIESKang Sunghoon was heavily criticized for singing the song at his solo fan meeting, while also changing the lyrics. BIGBANG fans claimed it was inconsiderate to “mess” with a special song that holds meaning to the special bond between idols and their fans.

Source: Nate Pann