BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Once Said He Would Get Disqualified If He Tried Out For An Audition Program

“I was just really lucky.” — G-Dragon

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon‘s interview from back in 2013 resurfaced in online communities due to what he said about audition programs and how he would do if he were to try out for one.

The interview took place when G-Dragon went on a world tour as a solo artist.

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During the interview, G-Dragon was asked if he thought other artists could succeed with effort when G-Dragon was born with natural talent as well.

| @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

And his answer was beyond modest.

Of course. They just need to try harder then. There are many audition programs these days. And there are so many contestants with great talent. I think they have a chance if they make an effort.

— G-Dragon

He modestly continued,

For me, besides talent, effort, and time, I had luck. Things just worked out really well for me. If I try out for an audition program right now, I’ll probably get disqualified.

— G-Dragon

G-Dragon then went on to elaborate why he thought he succeeded.

I mean it. If I look back on it, it was a combination of image, talent, my appearance to some degree, as well as the background of YG Entertainment. But on top of that, I was lucky. So everything fell into place really well.

— G-Dragon

For that reason, he expressed that he had no confidence in passing an audition program against other great talents.

So if I abandoned everything I have now and tried out for an audition program, the best-case scenario would be making it into the top 10. But I’m not even confident to do that. So I hope ‘hoobaes’ much more talented than me come out.

— G-Dragon

While longing for G-Dragon’s comeback, fans reacted to the past interview with comments such as “No… he would debut right away“, “GD is all talent“, “He’d probably still be center“, and “No, you would still win“.

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