BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Literally Knocks His Fans Off Their Feet In The Best Hidden Camera Prank Ever

The power that he holds is unreal.

It’s been awhile since BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon made any type of public appearance and the waiting game has been getting longer and longer. But fret not because the BIGBANG member recently made a quick appearance in a Vogue Korea video and it’s making headlines.


G-Dragon’s brand PEACEMINUSONE recently collaborated with Nike to release his new sneaker, Kwondo 1. In an effort to promote his new sneaker, the BIGBANG member stopped by the Vogue Korea studio to do a “hidden camera” prank on some of his fans.

G-Dragon wearing Kwondo 1’s for PEACEMINUSONE x Nike collaboration | Nike

Vogue Korea invited some VIPs (BIGBANG) fans to record a message for G-Dragon on the day of his Kwondo 1 launch to congratulate the idol. Each fan was filming in front of some cool visual screens when their favorite idol appeared in front of them. Naturally, each fan reacted in the most appropriate way possible.

This female fan expressed her undying love for the boy group member and his creativity with his new launch with a flippable sketchbook that outlined her talking points.

He completed such a cool project and he even came up with a cool brand name. He showed off his personal identity through this collaboration so I am grateful. I really like it. I just hope he is happy and healthy.

— Female fan

In the middle of her filming session, however, was when G-Dragon decided to pop up and her response is truly the most appropriate response anyone could have had.

Female fan: “Is this real?”
G-Dragon“What is this [points to sketchbook]?”

Next up, we had a male fan who was expressing exactly what G-Dragon meant to him as his “life’s artist.”

He is the person that’s been my life’s artist. Every time he creates something, I believe it becomes a culture. He’s been with me since I was a child so it’s deeply touching.

— Male fan

Similarly to the first VIP, G-Dragon snuck into the room and gave the male fan the surprise of his lifetime. The fan was so shocked, he had a hard time mustering up the words to say hello!

G-Dragon: “Hello.”
Male fan: “He…hello.”
G-Dragon: “You dressed so fashionably today.”
Male fan: [Shocked hand gestures]

G-Dragon not only gave these fans the surprise of their lifetimes, but he also made sure to provide the full fan service by snapping some adorable photos with them.


What an insane surprise for these VIPs! They will remember this for the rest of their lives. Be sure to watch the entire video of G-Dragon surprising his fans down below.