Where’s G-Dragon Now? Latest Instagram Update Hints At New Management

Has he found a new home sweet home?

With the latest updates to BIGBANG G-Dragon‘s Instagram, fans believe the international superstar could be hinting at new management.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon | @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

Back in June 2023, YG Entertainment confirmed that G-Dragon’s exclusive contract had expired. No additional information was available, that is, until now.

G-Dragon’s Exclusive Contract With YG Entertainment Has Officially Expired

Our exclusive contract with G-Dragon has expired at this point. However, we are working to discuss a separate agreement for some of his other activities, such as advertisements. We will discuss the addition of a separate contract when he resumes his music activities, and we will provide our full support.

— YG Entertainment

In the seven-part update, G-Dragon included a picture of a digital board reading, “Welcomes G-Dragon.”

| @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

Following the update, K-Pop fans began circulating pictures of the same digital board from Warner Records. The sign reads, “Warner Records Welcomes G-Dragon,” with his picture next to the text.

| @mizx.xxi/Instagram

The pictures have been online for a while; Hence, fans are now convinced that G-Dragon is “confirming” the deal with Warner Records via his version of the same picture. Some argue that it “could have been a visit,” but most are hoping it’s his new home sweet home.

The idol has not clarified the pictures further. Regardless, fans continue to look forward to his comeback of some sort.