BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Is Leading The Path For Korean Artists To Return To Chinese Promotions

He is always paving the way.

G-Dragon will likely be the first Korean artist to return to the Chinese entertainment industry, recently filming a brand new CF.

According to an exclusive report from Newsen, G-Dragon recently completed filming for a famous Chinese beverage company. Nongfu Spring has a line of tea based drinks known as Chapai, which BIGBANG has endorsed in the past, and it appears G-Dragon has been called upon once again to be the endorsement model. The report states that the CF was secretly filmed somewhere in Korea.

Chapai served as the exclusive model for the drink after the brand moved away from all of BIGBANG, and even was the model until before his military enlistment. The end of his time as the model coincided with both his military enlistment and the Hallyu ban in China stemming from THAAD. His return is even more symbolic as he is one of the biggest faces in all of K-Pop.

News about G-Dragons return to the Chinese industry has spread throughout Chinese social media such as Weibo and WeChat, and following the rumors, Nongfu Spring even teased their next advertisement.

Source: Newsen