BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Purchased A $3.8 Million USD Car—Here’s How Rare It Is

Taking rich to the next level.

As a producer and songwriter for one of the most iconic K-Pop groups in history—not to mention its leader—BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon is unsurprisingly wealthy.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

He is so rich, in fact, that he recently purchased a car worth a whopping $3,825,000 USD! The “Still Life” rapper recently showed it off in one of his Instagram Stories.

He took a picture of the car’s bright white interior, zooming in on a blue seatbelt buckle. In the center, he added a miniature photo of him sitting on the hood.

| Instiz

Car enthusiasts were quick to recognize the model, a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. It boasts a streamlined design that screams luxury.

| Bugatti

Many of those who heard how much it costs expressed shock, saying, “Wow… This is GD,” “Crazy,” and “Young and rich.

Reportedly, the model is so rare, only two were shipped to South Korea.

| Top Gear

One was recently registered, so fans speculate it belongs to G-Dragon. If you were to see it in the wild, you would have a 50% chance of meeting the global superstar!

| @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

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Source: Bugatti and Instiz