Video Of BIGBANG Members Talking About Seungri’s Future Resurfaces

“I bet they knew..”

Back in 2017, the five BIGBANG members sat down to talk about what their lives would be like in 2022 (5 years after the video was released). Fans were shocked to find how many of their predictions came to be true.


In the video, Daesung jokes as if they haven’t met Seungri in a while. He claims BIGBANG has been promoting as a 4-member group.


Taeyang then asks him, “I heard your news. Is that problem solved?


He goes on to predict that Seungri would be banned from the country for criminal acts.


Seungri then proclaims, “Don’t make me a criminal!


Seungri had also predicted back then that Taeyang would be married. Sure enough, Taeyang married his wife Min Hyo Rin a year after this video.


As the video resurfaced in light of Seungri’s scandal, fans are shocked to see how closely accurate the members had predicted their future.