BIGBANG Just Released Their Very Own Webtoon Series

GO Blings has been made into a webtoon series!

The BIGBANG characters, GO Blings, have been made into a webtoon series!


빅뱅 열혈팬 '키린'작가의 고블링즈 웹툰!액션 / 브로맨스 / 판타지 / 코믹 / 미스터리 등 모든 장르를 망라하는 인간과 도깨비의 리얼 버라이어티!!!!!7월 20일, 드디어 연재 시작!!KTOON(한국) :북미) :일본) :고블링즈 #웹툰 #빅뱅_웹툰 #케이툰 #타파스 #픽코마 #GOBLINGS #WEBTOON #BIGBANG_WEBTOON #KTOON #TAPAS #PICCOMA

Posted by GO Blings on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The series, which was jointly produced by YG Entertainment and KT, was released on July 20th in Korea, the US and Japan.


GO Blings was created in early 2017 and have since been updating images of the characters regularly on its own Instagram page.

They were recently seen enjoying the World Cup games with some beer and wine.


And now, they finally have their very own webtoon series! The GO Blings characters, which were created after each BIGBANG member, and the Blings, the goblins (pet characters) of each member, star in this new series.


The webtoon artist Kirin, who is known to be a big fan of BIGBANG and who is the creator of this series, has carefully incorporated the personalities of each BIGBANG member into their characters.

For instance, G-Dragon’s Bling, Shu, is a cat shoe goblin. The idea was inspired by the fact that G-Dragon is a big fan of cats and shoes.


One episode of the 12-part series will be released every Friday through KTOON (Korea), Tapas (US) and piccoma (Japan) so don’t miss out!

Source: Sports Donga