BIGBANG Seungri Shares His Biggest Learning, After Being An Idol For 12 Years

BIGBANG’s maknae had a lot to say about his past.

BIGBANG‘s Seungri confessed that he learned some hard lessons during his 12 years as an idol, and that the biggest lesson was that you never know what’s about to happen, so treasure the fortunate moments when you have them.


He admitted on MBC‘s Radio Star that he got arrogant after the third year of BIGBANG’s success and wanted to go off on his own. With the success of his solo album he would roam the mall in his stage outfits on purpose to soak up all the attention.

“I could hear people saying, ‘It’s Seungri!’, when I’m walking around the mall. I made two laps around the mall. I was so arrogant…” — Seungri


Seungri admitted that once he made the head director of MBC open the door for him because he refused to step out of the waiting room. He then told the head director, “I’ll be out after tying my shoes.”

“People around you start leaving you when you drop the honorifics and words become short. But they never directly told me that they don’t like me. My manager and stylist changed all of a sudden, but they didn’t tell me it was because of me.” — Seungri


He confessed that controversies started rising during his 7th year and things changed so suddenly it was as if it all happened while he was sleeping.

“I didn’t know but things just happened. After that, I wondered if I would be able to continue [as an artist]. So then I started creating other options (other businesses).” — Seungri


Lastly, he said, “I personally wish that this period right now lasts for a long time. You never know what can happen.”


Seungri is the maknae of BIGBANG and is the only one yet to go to the army. He told viewers he would work hard to ensure BIGBANG was represented well.

With “Flower Road” achieving an all-kill status, it doesn’t seem likely BIGBANG will ever have to worry about that!

Source: Star News