BIGBANG shares tracklist for “MADE series [D]” album

With only less than three days remaining until the release of their third single series [D], BIGBANG shared the full tracklist of their upcoming album.

Published on June 29th, the physical album will include the double title track “If You” and “Sober” as well as their hit tracks from May and June, “BANG BANG BANG,” “Loser,” “Bae Bae,” “We Like 2 Party.” Fans can also enjoy the instrumental tracks for “If You” and “Sober” as well.

“If You” features lyrics by G-Dragon with the composition work including the collaboration between G-Dragon, P.K, and DEE.P. According to Yang Hyun Suk, founder of YG Entertainment who houses BIGBANG, this track is the saddest song the group will have ever released.

Teddy, G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Choice37 all pitches in for “Sober” for its lyrics and composition.

Look out for BIGBANG’s third comeback month on July 1st!