BIGBANG’s Taeyang Opens Up About How His Ideas On Fame Changed Since The Start Of BIGBANG

He realized the change as BIGBANG continued to grow.

BIGBANG Taeyang‘s YouTube documentary WHITE NIGHT aired its 3rd episode, titled Day Break. The episode aired segments of Taeyang preparing for his North American tour, and he took the time to open up about the reason for his devotion to fame.

While preparing his concert, Taeyang confessed that he never put fame as his top priority. But as BIGBANG grew to unprecedented heights, he realized that fame played an important role in achieving his ultimate goals.

I never once desired to have a lot of fame. But to be honest, the ideas change when it comes to a particular aspect. I now know that I need to be famous in order to bring the type of high quality that we want.

— Taeyang

He vowed that as long as he had fans who wanted to see his shows, he’s going to treat them to the best quality of performance. And in order to fulfill his visions to the fullest, he admits that fame plays a big part in the budgets.

He explained, “Whether it be 100 fans, 1,000 fans, or 10,000 fans – as long as people are coming to see my show, I want to show them the best quality that I can.

He also left a valuable quote for his fellow artists. He believes that artists have a calling to make the best work possible that reflects who they are so that the audience want to see them more and more.

Albums and concerts really have to be that artists’ masterpiece. They need to make the audience see it and want to see the next piece. That’s our life’s calling.

— Taeyang

BIGBANG is currently preparing a comeback which is rumored to be sometime within the year. Although nothing is certain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Taeyang continues to work hard in order to bring the best for his VIPs!

Source: Star News


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