BIGBANG’s Taeyang Reveals His Plans to Give Away 1300 of His Personal Items

“That made me realize I have way too many things.” – Taeyang

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang participated in his first pictorial since his military discharge with Esquire, where he showed great charisma and focus during the shoot.

What gained particular attention was the interview that he participated in, revealing his future plans as well as his plans to give away thousands of his personal belongings to a flea market.

Taeyang started off by talking about what the military did for his mindset.

I ended up having to reflect upon myself a lot, and at the same time, I feel like I gained a lot of energy.

– Taeyang

He also spoke up about BIGBANG’s decision to perform at Coachella and what he plans for the future.

When we received the offer, the members and I thought about it for a long time. All I want now is to have a great performance at Coachella.

– Taeyang

But ahead of Coachella, Taeyang plans to get together with fans through a flea market and auction.

I thought a lot about how to meet my fans for the first time after my discharge. When you’re in the military, all you wear is your uniform. That made me realize that I have way too many things. I thought about how to deal with my many belongings, which led me to decide on a flea market under my name.

– Taeyang

The flea market is set to take place on January 18, and it will be selling 2200 fashion items, furniture, and lifestyle items including 1300 of Taeyang’s personal belongings.

The profits will be donated to charities for hearing-impaired children and youth, which is very dear to Taeyang’s heart.

It’s important to see as well, but I feel like a phrase or beautiful sounds can change a person the most, so I hope that this will be a special gift to hearing-impaired children and youth.

– Taeyang

Source: Dispatch