BIGBANG’s Taeyang Invited BTS’s Jimin To Dinner, Only For Someone Else To Show Up

He had any idea of what was going on.

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang just made his much-anticipated comeback as a soloist after six years, and it was well-fitted with the single titled “VIBE” featuring BTS‘s Jimin. The song may have glided into the hearts of global audiences, but according to Taeyang, the making process was not as smooth.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang (left) and BTS’s Jim (right) | THE BLACK LABEL

As a part of the promotional activities for “VIBE,” Taeyang did an interview with Spotify, where he shared several stories about how the track came to life. Initially, he first approached Jimin with the idea of collaborating after the producer and owner of his label, Teddy Park, mentioned on the fly that people would really love a track featuring both Taeyang and Jimin.

When Jimin also showed interest in the project, Taeyang created a group chat with him to discuss the details further. Eventually, he ended up inviting Jimin for dinner to talk about the possible collaboration. But, when he reached the restaurant, someone else showed up instead of the BTS member.

At first, he was flustered, thinking, “Why is this person here?” But then he realized his mistake. As it turns out, Taeyang had accidentally created a group chat with someone else with the same name as Jimin and had invited them over for dinner without realizing it.

But as a gracious host, Taeyang handled the situation well and enjoyed a meal with the “other” Jimin. After the incident, he invited BTS’s Jimin for dinner once again, and from there, the project went ahead.

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