BIGBANG’s Taeyang Flaunts His Unexpected Friendship With The BTS Members, Revealing Who He’s Closest With In The Group

Each friendship has a story…

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang has been in the K-Pop industry for a long time and has interacted with many idols since debuting. Recently, Taeyang spilled on his friendship with the BTS members and who his BFF is!

BIGBANG’s Taeyang | @__youngbae__/Instagram

On January 12, after a long wait, Taeyang finally released his latest album, which included a collaboration with BTS’s Jimin on the track “VIBE.”  The music video for the track “VIBE” was also released, and he and Jimin showcased perfect chemistry throughout the song.

The “VIBE” video | THE BLACK LABEL/YouTube

Well, it seems like Taeyang’s friendship and unexpected connections to BTS go further than just Jimin.

Taeyang recently sat down with 1theK and took part in the IDDP. IDDP is a show where idols read their trivia on their different online pages and respond to it.

During one part of the video, Taeyang revealed how thankful he was after hearing that both Jimin and fellow BTS member J-Hope mentioned him as the artist they respect the most…

As BIGBANG debuted back in 2006 compared to BTS’s 2013, Taeyang then explained how they didn’t have much of an opportunity to come across the group when they were active.

Yet, it didn’t mean that they weren’t friends now, and Taeyang revealed his interactions with each of the members. He first showed pictures of himself at J-Hope‘s star-studded listening party…

When it came to leader RM, Taeyang explained that they were friends and met up often because of their shared love of art and exhibitions, adding, “I met RM often at various exhibitions and art fairs, so we became friends as we met.”

Despite being BTS’s senior, Taeyang truly showcased his humble side, adding that even though he has given the BTS members advice, he also believes that he has a lot to learn from the members.

They really are great people. I have a lot to learn from them too. Although I’m not perfect, as someone who started working as a musician a few years in advance, I was able to give a bit of advice.

— Taeyang

After revealing he was close with several members, it was time for the big question about who he was closest with. Considering the amount of time and effort that would’ve gone into “VIBE,” it isn’t surprising that Taeyang picked Jimin.

Even though Taeyang is one of the most senior idols active in K-Pop at this moment, he always showcases his respect and love for his juniors. Like many idols, BTS has always looked up to Taeyang and BIGBANG, so their friendship is even more meaningful.

You can read more from the interview below.

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Source: 1thek Originals
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