BIGBANG takes over Weibo search engines with almost a billion related searches

YG Entertainment‘s BIGBANG has once again demonstrated their international presence as a group with almost a billion related searches on Weibo with their first group comeback in three years.

Weibo, which is a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter, recorded 850 million searches for “BIGBANG” on May 1st alone. In addition, Weibo also recorded over 24.8 million searches for one of their title tracks “Loser,” 64 million searches for  “Madeseries,” and 14.36 million searches for their second track, “Bae Bae” solely on the day of the release.

BIGBANG is set to release new music on the first of every month starting in May and will finish off their group comebacks with a full album release at the end of these promotions. The first of the Made series, “M,” was released on May 1st and BIGBANG has achieved multiple perfect all-kills with “LOSER” as well as a perfect all kill with “BAE BAE.”

Congratulations to BIGBANG on their successes with M!

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